As clearly expressed in my previous post (hyperlinked to first two articles), I have so much respect for ESL teachers. As a way of showing thanks and honor to their noble job, this blog is an attempt to pay forward their goodness. If you are about to become an ESL Teacher and want to get ready for your journey, here are 7 preparations you should make.

1. Practice- Practice makes perfect, right? You can use a mirror and observe yourself as you execute teaching. You can also record yourself to go back and forth on things you like and things you need to improve on such as in pronunciation, body language, mannerisms, or teaching techniques and tools. 

2. Be Fluent. - One of ESL's success lies in how students adopt and adapt English thru listening and speaking. You have the task to be perfect your phonetics, diction, grammar, and spelling to effectively relay the discipline of learning proper English. 

3. Voice Projection - Same with the first point, listen to your own voice. Try using a voice and video recorder with a microphone to truly hear your delivery. Does it sound respectable and credible or does it come across as shrill noise? Do you sound nervous or in a hurry or enjoying your pace of teaching?

4. Inject some Humor. - As mentioned in the previous post (hyperlink to ways of facilitating online teaching), you can always include appropriate rumors (nothing green, discriminating, insulting or sexually offensive). Laughter can brighten the ambience and will make absorption of lessons easier and faster. 

5. Be open to constructive criticism. - You can let your friends and coaches watch your video recordings or do an actual demonstration in front of them as a group. Ask for their inputs and be grateful for a no non-sense review of your performance. They only want what is best for you and their words s will surely improve your teaching skills.

6. Have a Lesson Plan. - This is a given for teachers. This serves as a guide on what topics to discuss, how long it should take and the creative methodology for execution. 

7. Be open to differences. - This is especially true if you plan to teach ESL abroad. They will certainly see you as an outsider and may treat you accordingly. Certain forms of their discipline may also be mind-boggling for you. Just carry on and be confident that what you are about to teach them will transform their lives into something grander. In no time you will gain their respect and friendship.