Is it just me or do you feel the same way?: Imparting knowledge to another human gives off this very good feeling of being able to help. It's like your gut is shouting, "Yeah, I'm a good person! Great Job!" Maybe that's one of the more philosophical reasons why (ESL) teachers love their job.

Anyways, altruism aside, let's explore the more pragmatic perks of becoming an ESL teacher.

· Travel, travel and more travel. As the demand from numerous countries to learn English increases, your chances of teaching in China, Korea, Japan, Vietnam, United States, UAE, Turkey, or Spain also increases. That means you get to stay in a foreign country for a long time and enjoy the place like locals do. What's more exciting is that it will be easier for you to hop from one neighboring country or state to another. Say you teach ESL in Beijing, China, going to Shenzhen or Hong Kong will be cheaper. Or if you teach in Spain, going to France, Portugal or Morocco will be a breeze. You'll be sure to satisfy your wanderlust.

· Learn a new language and culture. Since you will be interacting with the locals, you have the opportunity to read, write and speak their language. This will make you a more effective ESL teacher to your students. Moreover, immersing with their cultures will make you realize your own culture's similarities with and uniqueness from theirs. That makes you prouder and more appreciative of your own nationality, hopefully.

· The pay is hefty. Teaching foreigners to become globally competitive and confident in socializing in English pays no penny. The average monthly salary for an ESL Teacher ranges from $2,000 to $4,000. This doesn't include bonuses and allowances for living abroad. In some US states, especially those that have a very dense population of non-English speaking nationalities like New York, the average offer is about $10,000 per month. Bet you're converting that to pesos right now.

Try your English skills by becoming an ESL teacher. You not only earn some karmic wealth, you also earn a good amount of money and more stamps on your passport.